How do I access a Workplace within the Community Connector

on the Connecting Windsor-EssexTM Portal?




Follow these basic steps to access a CWE Portal Workplace.


1.    Go to the Portal Homepage at and click on "Login" in order to begin the secure login process. Please make sure your browser security level is MEDIUM, and remember to ALLOW pop-ups, and ACCEPT "cookies" from, as an approved web site accessible by your computer.


2.    Enter your CWE Citizen ID (e.g. lastnamefirstnamexxxx) and your password (shared secret) into the respective fields and then click "Login"


3.    Choose the respective Workplace to "Open" from the list under the "My Workplaces" menu that appears and proceed to "Open Workplace". Note: If you do not have the Workplace listed that you need to access, then you do not have personalized access to that Workplace. Submit a "Comment/Questions" form accessible from the CWE Portal Homepage requesting assistance to list Workplaces you need access to, or check the "Service Availability" information in the "Help" file to see if you need to escalate an issue


IMG_Workplace _select.jpg


4.    Click on the Workplace name you are interested in accessing, and select the second item in the dropdown menu that appears "Open Workplace".


IMG_Workplace _openworkplace.jpg

5.    Once inside the Workplace, click on "News: Daily/Weekly" to find out what's new! Don't forget to click "Update Now" so that you have the latest postings in your updated list. Note: Clicking on any of the titles in the list of new items will take you directly to the new material posted.




6.   If you need to access the Help files, then click on "Help" and select the topic of interest.

(SmartNotes will provide information on the material covered in sections within the Help files)



7.    Visit "Help" accessible from the CWE Portal Homepage, and click on "Service Availability" to know when maintenance may occur. You may also call 519-253-3000 x4800 at any time and listen to a recorded message that explains service and maintenance issues.



8.    If you need assistance directly, then submit a Comments/Question form accessible from the CWE Portal Homepage, or you may be able to contact an individual or helpdesk within your organization that can assist you.



9.    Manager Access to Workplaces
In order to provide others with access to your Workplace, or to manage a Workplace, you must have a CWE Portal subscriber certificate and be able to login to the Portal on the computer with the digital certificate representing your virtual identity. Certificate-based authentication uses the "Login with Certificate" link rather than the "Login" link. You may also need to sign a Registered User Role Agreement for access to certain types of information and resources requiring certificates. If you do not have a digital certificate for manager access, please review the "Help" files (see "Registration Tutorials" and "Optimize your Computer" topics in the help files to prepare for your secure on-line access). Assistance may also be able to be obtained from your computer services personnel, your helpdesk, or by submitting a request through the "Comments/Questions" link accessible from the Portal Homepage. Canadian Computer Distributors (CCD) on Walker Road in Windsor is a CWE certificate registration authority that provides registration services for a fee.