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CWE™ collaborates to provide new opportunities for well-being and connectedness, enhancing the quality of life in how we learn, work, play and invest.

Connecting Windsor Essex™

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About Connecting Windsor-Essex™

The Windsor and Essex County Smart Community, through its Connecting Windsor-Essex™ activities, provides participant organizations, entities, families, and individuals with community engagement, governance, access to infrastructure and online services, as well as smart results that demonstrate new opportunities for well-being and connectedness.

The governance of CWE™ is comprised of a Board of Directors, a Board Executive, CWE™ Stakeholders, and CWE™ Consortium members, using WEDnet™ - an optical Regional Advanced Network which delivers high-speed connectivity for health, education, municipal & industrial sectors.

CWE™ has enjoyed successful collaborations with the Asthma Research Group Windsor-Essex County Inc. and the Victorian Order of Nurses, creating applications that improve quality of life for those suffering from chronic conditions. Read more about CWE's™ accomplishments in our Annual Report.

CWE™ Stakeholders enjoy benefits including high speed internet access with cost-effective savings for organizations & employees, wireless/mobility with unprecendented carrier group rates, engagement with other Intelligent Community members, URL & IP addressing support, and active involvement in the continued evolution of Windsor-Essex into a leading Intelligent Community.



WEDNet™ operates on non-profit basis to provide CWE™ with governance and support for the delivery of smart services in health care, municipal government, education and private sector.

Top 21 Intelligent Community 2010
Top 7 Intelligent Community 2011

Intelligent Communities

In 2010, Windsor-Essex was recognized globally as one of the Smart 21 communities by the Intelligent
Community Forum. In 2011, the region was recognized as one of the Top 7 Most Intelligent Communities in the
world! An Intelligent Community is one that applies the following Best Practices:






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